XK8 Resurrection



I hate body kits.  Bits of plastic and metal stuck onto a car to make it look muscular and sporty reminds me of the idiots who buy protein supplements, bulk up and try to pass themselves off as athletic.  It never works.  It looks stupid.  And if Moses had ever seen a body kit, there would be a biblical commandment against them.


Of course, technically, Paragon Design have developed ‘body kits,’ but the entire logic driving them is unique.  The old XK still looked lean and slender, even after Jaguar beefed up the later models with side sills and new bumpers.  


But Paragon have produced new parts that respect the original integrity of the car, moving in harmony with its ‘natural’ shape.  (Okay, question mark over the ‘unblended’ side sill on my own model - but look on Paragon’s website for the blended version.)  As a whole, the new lights, the remodelled exhaust, the renewed simplicity all combine to produce a look free of the contemporary obsession with sharp edges.


Paragon, somehow, seem to produce modifications which seem like a natural evolution of the original car.  The photos on this site, (like those on Paragon's), do not come anywhere near doing justice to the predator when you see it in the flesh.



This car is now for sale:  

66000 miles, will be sold with 12 months tax, 12 months MOT and brand new tires on its massive 20" wheels.  


£9.5k ono